Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (2023)

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (1)

The era of the new MCU began after the Avengers: Endgame. Now it is time for the mutants to save the world. The X-men and the mutants are the most powerful in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Omega level is a basic classification of a single mutant power.

The idea behind Marvel’s mutants was conceived to describe humans who were simply born with extraordinary abilities, but inspired by real mutations that actually exist in nature. Here’s the list of Top- 10 Omega-level mutants in The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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1. Jean Grey

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (2)

Jean Grey, a member of the original X-men team is the most prominent, powerful, and proficient telepath in the entire Marvel Universe. She is an Omega Level Telepath, who can read thoughts, project her own thoughts, as well as interact with, influence, and even manipulate the minds of humans and animals who possess higher-order intelligence.

To protect Jean Grey, Charles Xavier decided to obstruct her intense telepathic powers until she became mature enough to control them. Her psychic capacity also made her a promising host for the cosmic Phoenix Force. During her time with the X-Men, she was recognized as Marvel Girl.

2. Robert Drake Aka Iceman

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (3)

Robert Drake, a.k.a Iceman is the second member to join the original X-Men team which was led by Charles Xavier. Iceman is an Omega mutant with the superhuman ability to reduce his external and internal body temperature up to zero degrees, projecting intense coldness from his body. Iceman’s ability to generate cold is soo intense that he was even able to prevent a massive nuclear explosion.

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Robert Drake is possibly the only mutant who has his powers only to regain them at a much stronger level. He is known to be the first gay Omega mutant. It is revealed that Iceman has the potential to be one of the most powerful mutants on Earth if he unleashes the true capacity of his powers.

3. Erik Lehnsherr Aka Magneto

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (4)

Erik Lehnsherr born Max Eisenhardt earned the nickname Magneto because of his ability to create and manipulate magnetic fields. A holocaust survivor deeply desired to dominate the world, resulting in the formation of the “Brotherhood of evil mutants”, which also included the twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Later he joined hands with Charles Xavier as they both shared a mutual goal of protecting the mutants.

Magento is known as the most powerful mutant to exist as well as the most powerful supervillain. Magneto’s power extends beyond magnetism, reaching all aspects of electromagnetism, one of the four fundamental forces of nature. This allows him to reorganize matter by manipulating atomic bonds, electricity, light, and all other forms of electromagnetic energy and radiation, and even regulate the polarity of the Earth’s geomagnetic field.

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4. Kevin MacTargget Aka Proteus

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (5)

Kevin MacTargett is amutant son of geneticist and longtime X-Men associate Moira MacTaggert. He possesses the ability to manipulate and alter reality. He inherits the name Proteus after the Greek God of rivers. Proteus can transmute matter and energy into any form or state he desires, alter space around him, and essentially defy all manner of physics and logic.

Proteus’s extreme and dangerous powers led him imprisoned by Moira MacTaggert as he served as a potential threat to her and the X-Men. Unfortunately, his powers are extremely dangerous as they destroy his physical body, forcing him to take possession of others.

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He can possess others’ bodies due to being formulated of pure energy. Proteus’s only weakness is inorganic materials, precisely metal, which his energy form cannot tolerate. But later when he fuses with Piecemental, he is no longer vulnerable to any metal.

5. David Haller Aka Legion

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (6)

Son of the Professor Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller is a born mutant. He acquired the nickname Legion, as he inherits many personalities after joining the original X-Men team. He is an Omega-level Mutant, with the ability to create spontaneous mutation with different personas.

David Haller suffers from dissociative identity disorder, with each of his alternative personalities possessing some kind of super-powers.His first known alter attribute was telepathic, similar to his father, but later revealed that he has countless more personas with abilities like telekinesis, pyrokinesis, reality and time manipulation, and many others.

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6. Hope Summers

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (7)

The conclusion of the “House of M” resulted in the birth of Hope Summers. Hope summers is the adoptive granddaughter of Cyclops and the daughter of Cable and Hope Summers. Named after her mother, Hope waspredicted to be a messianic figure meant to save mutant-kind and humanity.

Hope has the ability to mimic and manipulate the powers of other mutants. Any power that she impersonates, Hope can utilize and command at its most elevated capacity, perhaps even to a greater degree than the original source of power.

She can also hold onto and wield multiple abilities at a time. Moreover, Hope can regulate, augment, and jumpstart powers in mutants, granting them easier control over their gifts or awakening their true strength.

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7. Gabriel Summers Aka Vulcan

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (8)

The almost forgotten brother of the X-Men team members – Alex and Scott Summers, Gabriel Summers was found by Moira Mac Targett, who helped him control his abilities. He became an Omega-level mutant after joining the X-Men team choosing the codename Vulcan from the book of Roman Mythology. Charles Xaviers was the first one to identify his connection with the Cyclops.

The Summers brothers have known as the living batteries of energy, but Vulcan beats his older siblings in the dust with regard to raw power. He is capable of absorbing tremendous volumes of practically every known type of energy which includes heat, light, electricity, and radiation. Vulcan has the potential to bend the existing energy sources to his will as well as use energy to fly at a blinding pace and survive under the harshest situations.

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8. Franklin Richards

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (9)

Franklin Richards was born mutant because of his parents- Reed Richards and Sue Stomes genetically modified conditions. He began manifesting his powers while still a toddler, attracting many supervillains. To avoid that Reed Richards placed his son into a coma, but the powers from Ultron awakened Franklin Richards from a coma and unleashed his true potential powers.

Franklin was generally considered for years to be one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe greatly surpassing even mutants such as Charles Xavier and Magneto easily.

9. Ororo Munroe Aka Storm

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (10)

Goddess of Thunder, Ororo Munroe is a descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses. In Cario, Charles Xavier acknowledged she was a mutant from her brainwaves but declined to contact Ororo until she realises the true extent of her power. Xavier explained to Ororo that she was not a goddess but instead a mutant and had a responsibility to use her capabilities to help the world, just as she had helped the local tribes.

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Nicknamed Storm, she is an Omega Level Mutant. She has the ability to control the weather and atmosphere and is considered to be one of the most powerful mutants on the plants. One of the primary sources of her powers on Earth is the electromagnetic fields. Her power is also mystical in nature, because of her descent from a long lineage of sorceresses.

10. Joshua Foley Aka Elixir

Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel (11)

Joined the X-Men team after being outed by his own friends and family. Along with being an Omega-level mutant, he is also considered Omega level healer. He is nicknamed Elixir and has extreme healing powers, whose skin changes into golden color.

Elixir can create biomolecular energy at convenience which affects the organic matter he touches. This allows him to heal physical damage done to his body or the bodies of others. He does that by reactivating suppressed mutant abilities, repairing cerebral functions, and altering the composition of his own molecules in certain ways.

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Top 10 Omega Level Mutants In Marvel? ›

Jean Grey was the only Class Five mutant ever met by Charles Xavier (which implies Magneto and Pyro are Class Four), and her potential was stated to be limitless.

Who is a level 5 mutant? ›

Jean Grey was the only Class Five mutant ever met by Charles Xavier (which implies Magneto and Pyro are Class Four), and her potential was stated to be limitless.

Who is the strongest mutant in Marvel? ›

In Mark Waid's History of the Marvel Universe #3, Marvel has finally officially revealed who the most powerful mutant in the universe is. And no, it's not Wolverine, Jean Grey or Professor X. It's Marvel's Franklin Benjamin Richards.

Is Alpha level stronger than Omega? ›

Among the most powerful mutants we've come to know over the years, they typically fall into two categories: Omega and Alpha levels. While an Alpha-level mutant simply classifies those that resemble normal human beings with combat-effective powers, Omegas are described as something much more powerful.

Who is the deadliest mutant? ›

Proteus is written as one of the strongest and deadliest mutants ever to appear in Marvel Comics.

Is Wolverine an Omega-level? ›

Despite how popular he is, Wolverine isn't an Omega-Level mutant.

Is Magneto Omega-level? ›

Magneto is an Omega-Level Mutant, meaning he has a great deal of nearly limitless power and potential. His control over all things metallic in nature gives him flexibility with his abilities that, in his occasionally ruthless hands, makes him possibly one fo the most dangerous mutants alive.

What level mutant is juggernaut? ›

Strength Level

Class 100+ ; The Juggernaut possesses vast physical strength which exact limit is unknown but he is able to lift far in excess of 100 tons effortlessly. He is one of the strongest beings to ever walk the Earth.

Is Wolverine a Level 5 mutant? ›

Enhanced Mutant Physiology: Wolverine is a mutant who had been given an unbreakable skeleton by the Weapon X Program and augmented by Apocalypse. Nick Fury's intel classified him as Power Level 9, while the O*N*E classified him as a Severe Threat.

Who is the oldest mutant in Marvel? ›

Selene is the oldest known human mutant. Functionally immortal, her millennia-long life is attributed to her ability to drain the life essence from other beings to extend her own existence indefinitely.

Who is the 1 strongest Marvel character? ›

Hercules / Zeus

In fact, he is considered by many authorities to be the physically strongest character Marvel has ever created. According to legend, he replaced Atlas in holding the sky on his shoulders.

What mutant can beat Hulk? ›

Cyclops' brother, Havok, is one of the few Marvel superheroes who can defeat the Hulk in a fair fight. Alex Summers aka Havok may not be as popular as his more famous brother, but he is easily one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe.

What rank mutant is storm? ›

Storm has been stated to be an Omega-Level Mutant. Her potential is as of yet unrealized, and on one occasion the Super Giant stated that Storm was an "Omega-Level Mutate", grouping and targeting her with Omega-Level mutants such as Iceman and Rachel Grey. Her Omega-Level status was eventually confirmed.

What level mutant is Colossus? ›

Superhuman Strength: After transforming into his armored state, Colossus possesses vast superhuman strength. As a teenager, he was sufficiently strong enough to be listed as a class 70.

Is Quicksilver omega level? ›

Powers. Quicksilver is an Alpha mutant, allowing him to move at lightning speed.

Who are class 3 mutants? ›

  • Professor X.
  • Magneto.
  • Mystique.
  • Beast.
  • Jean Grey.
  • Nightcrawler.
  • Quicksilver.
  • more...

Is Dark Phoenix an Omega-level mutant? ›

She is also an Omega-Level Telepath. By birth, Jean is among the most powerful telepaths, telekinetic and psions. She is also one with the Phoenix Force, and while acting as its avatar she is one of the most powerful Abstract Entities in the Earth-616 universe.

Who was the first mutant? ›

Namor. Namor is commonly referred to as "Marvel's first mutant." He may not be as old as ancients like Selene and Apocalypse, but he does have the distinction of being the first mutant character to actually appear in a comic book (1939's Marvel Comics #1, to be specific).

Why is Jean Grey so powerful? ›

Jean is a member of a subspecies of humans known as mutants, who are born with superhuman abilities. She was born with psionic powers.

Who is the fastest mutant alive? ›

Now an adult, Loolo Marshall - first introduced as a minor Arakki side character in Al Ewing's X-Men Red - is established as the fastest being still alive, taking on the codename Quick.

Who is the god mutant? ›

BIO: David Haller is an extremely powerful mutant, and the son of Professor X -- a fact neither was aware of for most of David's life. As a young child, he was the lone survivor of a terrorist attack that triggered his powers, incinerating the minds of the attackers.

Which mutant is immortal? ›

Powers and abilities

Mr. Immortal is a mutant with the power of immortality, which allows his body to regenerate from any injury, including ones that would kill ordinary humans.

Is Hulk Omega level? ›

Hulk and his invasion were stated to be an Omega Level threat by the Initiative, and Hulk was even presented as "the Original Omega Level threat" by Gyrich.

Can Wolverine cut Omega Red? ›

Omega Red was killed after being stabbed in the heart with the Muramasa blade by Wolverine.

What level mutant is Xavier? ›

Despite this, even though he may actually be an Omega level mutant, he is not regarded as such in the Marvel universe. However, there is no doubt that he actually is, and is recognized as the most powerful telepath ever to exist.

Can Magneto lift Thor's hammer? ›

Fandom. CAN MAGNETO LIFT THOR'S HAMMER? Yes,magneto can control magnetic fields not metals. So Marvel had revealed that Magneto can lift Thor's hammer.

Is Thor Omega level? ›

He is beyond Omega level. First off, an omega level being is this: A mutant whose dominant power is deemed to register -- or reach -- an undefinable upper limit of that power's specific classification. Now, this is the definition for a mutant, but it can apply for characters that are not mutant.

Can any mutant be Omega level? ›

Omega level is a classification of a single mutant power. While it is quite common that mutants manifest multiple powers, only one is normally of Omega level. For example, while Jean Grey is both a telepath and a telekinetic, she is only an Omega level telepath.

What level mutant is Thanos? ›

Thanos is an omega level mutant.

Can Colossus take Juggernaut? ›

Juggernaut would really only need to land a single hit on Colossus to knock him out and make him lose him armored form. However, Colossus is far more agile that Juggernaut, and could dodge him and counter him with better martial arts training easily.

What level mutant is Franklin? ›

It was originally believed that Franklin's powers came from him being a mutant, and he was considered an Omega-level mutant; once stated to be even beyond Omega classification.

What is Deadpool's strength level? ›

Superhuman Strength: Deadpool is rated as having a low degree of superhuman strength allowing him to lift 800 pounds. Peak Human Speed: Deadpool can run as fast as a trained athlete.

What level mutant is Sabretooth? ›

The Age of Apocalypse's heroic Sabretooth almost created the ultimate Omega-Level mutant hero, but he failed in the worse possible way.

What level mutant is Gambit? ›

Alpha Level

He has the ability to transform energy itself. Most commonly, he changes any potential energy in an object into kinetic energy. Gambit can charge up any object with energy, and make it explode with exponential force. That mutation puts him in the second highest power ranking among mutants: Alpha Level.

Who is the oldest god in Marvel? ›

Atum, son of Gaea, is considered alternatively as the first of the new gods or as an Elder God.

Who is stronger than Dark Phoenix? ›

Molecule Man. As powerful as the Beyonder, Molecule Man has not only saved the entire Marvel universe but also recreated it, proving that he's more powerful than the Phoenix.

Who was Thanos afraid of? ›

When Thanos got control over all six Infinity Stones, he became one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, though on his quest to obtain them, Thanos revealed that he was afraid to face the Hulk.

Who can defeat One Above All? ›

Nobody can. He's God in the literal, capital letter sense. He created the universe and everything in it and exists above everyone else.

Who can beat Scarlet Witch? ›

Of the Avengers who can beat Scarlet Witch, Vision is one of the strongest contenders. With an Android created using the Mind Stone, Vision possesses a vast array of abilities that could potentially match Scarlet Witch's reality-warping powers.

Who is stronger than the Scarlet Witch? ›

Wanda was considered to be the Nexus Being of Earth-616, but there were still forces far more powerful than her. Perhaps the most obvious character that was more powerful than the Scarlet Witch was the One Above All, who acted as the "god" of the Marvel universe.

Can vibranium cut Hulk? ›

Vibranium can also cut the Hulk due to the same reasoning as Adamantium -- they are two of the strongest metals in the world. The one thing to note is that when Hulk gets angrier, his skin becomes more durable and can then withstand even these metals.

Who is Hulk toughest opponent? ›

Abomination – Emil Blonsky. A gamma-spawned monstrous powerhouse. The Hulk's primary physical rival.

Who beats immortal Hulk? ›

Feeling angrier than ever before, the Immortal Hulk breaks free from his cage and confronts the Leader. Before he can defeat him, the Immortal Hulk is stopped by the Savage Hulk, who is being emotionally manipulated by the Leader. The Immortal Hulk is beheaded by a monstrous Leader and his heart is ripped out.

What level mutant is Phoenix? ›

Of the many mutants that are in the Universe Marvel, no more than 20 mutants are categorized as Omega levels, including Vulcan, Jean Gray (Phoenix), Hope Summers, Iceman, Mister M, Elixir, Quentin Quire, David Haller (Legion), Matthew Malloy, and Franklin Richards.

Is Storm an Omega level? ›

Storm is “officially” an Omega level mutant. There really isn't any debate to be had in that matter. Whether we think she should be or not, she is considered an Omega level in the comics.

Who is the most powerful registered mutant? ›

Given that Santa Claus was the "most powerful mutant ever registered" by Cerebro, there is a possibility that Santa is an Omega Level Mutant.

Who is the most powerful mutant ever registered? ›

Cerebro registered Santa as the 'most powerful mutant' in Marvel Comics.

Who can beat Jean GREY? ›

Professor X was always able to beat her in psychic combat, using his immense power to shut down his student. While he's not always the best person and has been wrong a lot, his powers and skills make him one of the most formidable psychic combatants ever.

What level mutant is Omega Red? ›

Powers. Omega Red possesses various superhuman attributes as a result of being a mutant and after undergoing augmentation procedures at the hands of the Soviet government during the 1960s. He was described by Dazzler to be an Omega Level Mutant.

Who is the oldest known mutant? ›

Selene is the oldest known human mutant. Functionally immortal, her millennia-long life is attributed to her ability to drain the life essence from other beings to extend her own existence indefinitely.

Who is the fastest mutant in Marvel? ›

Quicksilver has the superhuman ability to move at great speeds. In most depictions, he is a mutant, a human born with innate superhuman powers.

Can Magneto beat Jean Grey? ›

Magneto is more experienced, more skilled, more trained, more hardened, and more effective against his opponent than Jean Grey (without the Phoenix Force) could ever be. And thus, he could kill her. Undoubtedly, Magneto could overpower Jean Grey without the Phoenix Force.

Can Wanda defeat Dark Phoenix? ›

On the other hand, Dark Phoenix is a corrupted Jean Grey that's empowered by the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force. So, in a battle between Scarlet Witch and Dark Phoenix, who would win? Dark Phoenix would win in a fight against Scarlet Witch because she is simply a lot more powerful.

Who is stronger than Scarlet Witch? ›

Wanda was considered to be the Nexus Being of Earth-616, but there were still forces far more powerful than her. Perhaps the most obvious character that was more powerful than the Scarlet Witch was the One Above All, who acted as the "god" of the Marvel universe.

Is Wolverine a level 5 mutant? ›

Enhanced Mutant Physiology: Wolverine is a mutant who had been given an unbreakable skeleton by the Weapon X Program and augmented by Apocalypse. Nick Fury's intel classified him as Power Level 9, while the O*N*E classified him as a Severe Threat.

What level mutant is Legion? ›

Legion is an Omega-level mutant who has dissociative identity disorder.


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